Buck Fever® 2021 Gear Guide

Rochester, NY— Geared for Deer. Buck Fever® is a year-round system, scientifically designed to bring you success this Fall. As passionate whitetail-junkies, we are a brand by hunters – for hunters. What many don’t know, the team at Buck Fever® is comprised of years of experience, knowledge and science, being the driving force behind our brand, differentiating us from the crowd. Buck Fever® is one of the oldest lure companies in the game, and this all stemmed from the tried-and-true original HAWGS formula crafted more than 30 years ago. If it works, it works. That is a common philosophy that drives us to improve, and to be the pinnacle in Synthetic Whitetail Lure. 

To draw the big bucks in close, you’ve got to play to their instincts. Synthetic Deer urine is the safest and most effective way to attract deer. Synthetics have been rapidly growing in popularity since 1989. Legal in all 50 States, and with a limitless shelf-life, Buck Fever® has earned the reputation as the standard in synthetic lures…and for good reason.

Utilizing top technologies, Buck Fever® uses science and countless hours to innovate and provide the best synthetic lures and distribution methods, creating the most potent synthetic doe estrus available.

“Synthetics are the new standard. With claims relative to CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease), Buck Fever® works hard to bring science into the equation and effectively lure that target buck within range,” said Troy Kailbourne, Buck Fever’s® – CEO/President. “Our goal is to consistently improve our formula and make it a process for every stage of the hunt.”

As the opener quickly approaches, we wanted to share what will be in our whitetail pack come Fall…

✓ Buck Pix Combo – Buck Fever’s® Buck Pix Combo is a pure chemistry combo that bucks can’t resist! Chemistry creates a social hot spot that will help pattern bucks and put them right in front of your trail camera all season long! (MSRP $39.99)

✓ Forehead Gland – The Forehead Gland formula by Buck Fever® is the perfect attractant to up the curiosity and keep them coming in. Made for overhanging branches at natural and mock scrapes, the Forehead Gland simulates fresh activity to mimic forehead secretion from a whitetail. (MSRP $12.99-$149.99)

✓ Gamechanger Kit – Change the game. This is our turnkey solution to success when you hit the big buck woods this Fall. The Gamechanger All-Season Kit by Buck Fever® is the go-to in scent-elimination to stay stealth and the lures to up the curiosity and drive ‘em in! This All-Season kit includes: Vanishing Hunting (8oz), Pre/Post Rut (4oz) and Forehead Gland (4oz) (MSRP $34.99)

✓ Vanishing Hunter – Already bringing you success on the attractant-side, Vanishing Hunter by Buck Fever® allows you to add Scent Elimination to your hunting arsenal from the brand that draws ‘em in!! Our Vanishing Hunter Odor Control system allows you to truly disappear – controlling odor-causing bacteria, neutralizing odor-rich lactic acid and stops the formation of gases. (MSRP $9.99-$69.99)

Buck Fever’s® new product line can be found at retailers around the United States and Canada. To find a retailer near you, visit buckfever.com.

About Buck Fever®

Buck Fever® is a sister company to the Rock Ridge Outdoors brands. Rock Ridge Outdoors owns and operates, Dead Ringer®, Cupped Waterfowl™, The Grind™, and Rogue Ridge. For more information about these brands or products, please contact Rock Ridge Outdoors Public Relations at (844)471-4868 or visit Rock Ridge Outdoors.

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