How To: Mock Scrapes for Deer

The real communication center at any mock scrape is not the scrape itself, but the overhanging branch and location. Making a mock scrape is fairly easy. Find a good overhanging branch no more than five feet off the ground (about four feet is the perfect height.) If there is no overhanging branch where you want to make a mock scrape, cut a live branch from another tree and with the landowner’s permission, of course wire the branch where you want it. This works very well. In fact, we sometimes think bucks are more inclined to scrape under an “artificial” branch just because it is something new and you are able to put it in their face.

Placing Buck Fever forehead or Branch Action formula on the licking branch will gain some attention and get bucks working the limb laying down as much of there scent as possible. Using deer urine formulas coinciding with the time of year should be placed directly under the overhanging limb in the actual scrape. Staying scent free with Buck Fevers Vanishing hunter is vitally important when checking cameras on scrapes or refreshing them because these are major scent post areas for whitetails in the area. Once your mock scrape has been claimed by bucks in the area, place a fusion cell camera from stealth cam on these sites and monitor where the buck or bucks you will be hunting will be bedding and moving and let the chess matches begin.

Mock Scrapes That Produce

When deciding if it is worth the effort to make mock scrapes is to know if the area already has mature bucks.  Scrape hunting and inventory is most productive when there are mature bucks in the area.  When a buck makes a scrape, he is telling other deer that this is his neck of the woods and to stay out. Buck Fever will accelerate any movement that is happening and start turning deer movement into daylight encounters.Tagged best deer scentsbest locations for mock scrapebest mock scrape scentbest place to put a mock scrapedeer scentshow to make a mock scrapemock scrape scentsmock scrapes

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