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Taking inventory of bucks using the area can be easily accomplished using Buck Fever Synthetics and will give you the upper hand in formulating a plan on getting that shooter buck in range. Buck Fever Forehead Gland and Pre Post Scrape will attract many if not all bucks that smell these mock scrape sets, and get them frequenting these locations at all times of the day including shooting light. It seems that the older a mature buck grows, the less ground he seems to cover during hunting season. If you have been consistently getting pictures of your target buck in October or November, chances are you’re within his core. Try narrowing down the days in which the deer travel through your property during daylight and what wind direction they traveled the property on that wind. Make notes of the time of day and locations they seem to be most active. Some bucks seem to have different time periods in the day they prefer to travel. One buck I have had experiences with likes to travel around the noon lunch hour. Others seem to wait right before last light. Either way, if you can narrow down when and why your target buck prefers to move. Then you are already one step ahead of them for the upcoming rut.

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